Garage Door Opener FAQ

Garage Door Opener FAQ

Our garage door opener will not do anything at all when we push the button. What should we look for first?

The first thing that you should verify is that the garage door opener plugged into the electric outlet.
Secondly, you should confirm that there is power coming out of the electrical outlet or plug

the opener into another outlet with an extension cord. If there is power to the operator,

then there is some type of mechanical or electrical problem within the garage door opener itself
and may need to be diagnosed by a qualified service technician

The light comes on but the garage door opener will not open or close the door. What should we look at first? 

If the light on the garage door opener comes on, obviously the opener is getting power and
the problem would be in the electrical or mechanical workings of the opener. Be sure to unplug
the operator before making any attempt to remove the motor head cover. To avoid the possibility
of electrical shock, why not have your garage door opener repair made by a knowledgeable
service tech. If your garage door opener is more than ten years old you may want to consider replacing the garage door opener to one with the latest safety features.

Both of our transmitters quit working at the same time. Should we try changing the batteries in the remote controls?

Very seldom will the batteries in both transmitters go dead at the same time. Most likely the problem is in the radio receiver that is in the garage. It is also possible that the problem could be inside of the operator itself and that it is no longer sending power to the receiver unit. (On some openers the receiver and logic board are combined together on one solid state circuit board). It may be to your advantage to have a professional service call to determine the true problem.

Our garage door opener was working fine, but all of a sudden we have to hold the wall button down to get the door to close. How can we get the door opener to start working properly again?

It sounds like the photo-cell safety beams are blocked, misaligned, or malfunctioning.
Move any objects that may be interfering with the signal and verify that the photo-cell LED lights are illuminated as per the manufacturer’s instructions. (The photocells can not be permanently removed from garage door openers that were built since 1973).If the infrared beams are not blocked and the photo-cells appear that they are aligned, then contact your local garage door opener repair man to diagnose and repair the problem. You will not be able to close the door with the remote control transmitter until the photo-cells are in proper working order.

While we were closing the overhead garage door something caused the door to stop halfway and now the door is hanging crooked in the opening. What is wrong with the door?

Most likely one of the garage door cables has come off of the cable drum a (side that is hanging the lowest) from closing on something. The cables may still be under spring tension and should not be touched properly repaired without the proper knowledge and tools to make the repair. In addition, trying to force the garage door closed or open may cause further damage to the garage door tracks and may also cause the door to fall to the floor. In most cases, you are better off to leave the door in whatever position it is in until it can be properly repaired.