Garage Door Insulation

What does insulation do and why is it important?

 Insulation: Material that has the ability to reduce heat or cold transmission.

What does R-value mean?
R value: Ability of a material to retard the transmission of heat.
The higher the R-Value, the better the insulating performance.


There are several types of garage door insulation.
 1 layer- non-insulated door
2 layers- insulated door with open insulation
3 layers- insulated door with styrofoam insulation inside 2 panels
3 layers-insulated door with injected foam inside 2 panels



If you do not have a room on the top of your garage, you probably do not have to worry about R-value of the door. Just keep in mind that the foam injected door is much more strong than a non-insulated or styrofoam insulated door.


When strength, durability, and energy efficiency are paramount, polyurethane injected foam doors are the best solution.