Emergency Key Release

A universal emergency key release will allow you access into your home through your garage door while still keeping your home secure. Here’s  how it works.  As you probably know, there is an emergency release rope located inside your door. The cord can be used to open the door if the electricity goes off or your garage door opener fails.  It’s not an easy thing for the average homeowner to do. Driving home from work one day,  you may push the button on your remote, wait and push it again, only to find yourself stuck outside.


If your remote is dead and you have a keypad next to the garage door, you can use that to gain access. If you have a separate entrance to your garage, you can get out, go around, unlock that door and then make your way through a possibly dark garage to locate the emergency release lever and raise the door manually.


The universal emergency key release can save you a lot of time and trouble. If you do not have a separate entrance, you really need the key release,  in the case of power outage. If your garage does not connect to your house, it is essential.


The kit includes a cable, which is attached to the lever inside the garage, a plate, and the lock that is located at the other end of the cable. You will need to drill a hole in your garage door in order to install the locking mechanism.  Once it is installed, you want to test the lock. When you turn the key to the unlock position, the lock slide through the hole you made in your door.  When you give a sharp yank on the cable, the emergency release lever is disengaged. You will be able to lift the door manually, using the outside handle.


The universal emergency key release kits are easy to install and work with all brands of garage doors and garage door openers. The mounting plate,  cable and locking mechanism should be weather resistant.
If you lose your key, replacing the entire system is easy and relatively inexpensive. The hardest part is drilling the hole in your door. A handyman can do it for you if you don’t have the right tools.